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Registration and Help Desk SEH West Entrance

3:00-4:15 PM

Technical Session 1

(Each presentation is 15 min w/ 3 min for questions)

Session 1A Decision Analysis I/Teaching Innovations I  

                     Moderator: Eric Dano



1A-1: Optimizing the distribution of combat casualties for quality medical care: a prototype decision support tool for patient-healthcare facility matching.

Daniel Fisher, Esha Patel, Gujri Ahluwalia, Joost Santos, James Ferguson

SEH Lehman B1220

1A-2: Sensitivity Analysis within the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) Queuing Simulation.

Eliese Ottinger, David Cooper, Daniel Schaefer

1A-3: From STEM to Startup: Empowering High School Youth with Entrepreneurial Skills through the TYE program.

Rowena Kay, Mascarenhas, Adam Carter

1A-4: Understanding Degree 2, 3 and 4 Polynomial Inequalities.

Daniel Blessner

Session 1B  Engineering Competency & Ethics

                      Moderator: Tracy Carbonetto



1B-1: Developing Moral Agency in Undergraduate Engineering Students: An Ongoing Exploration of Ethical-Epistemic Analysis Pedagogy.

Caitlyn Grady

SEH Lehman B1270

1B-2: Early Career Engineers‚ Perspectives on Leadership Competency Development in Undergraduate Education.

Tracy Carbonetto

1B-3: Establishing Baseline Measurements of Adaptive Expertise in First-Year STEM Students.

Maxine Fontaine

1B-4: Co-Creating the Future: A College of Engineering Micro-Credential on Professional Ethics.

Bradley Sottile

4:20-5:30 PM

Campus Tours

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Executive Board Meeting


SEH Lehman B1270


Dean's Reception

Dean John Lach

SEH Green wall area

SAT, Apr 20



8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Registration and Help Desk

SEH West Entrance

8:00-8:30 AM


SEH Green wall area

8:30-9:30 AM

Conference Welcome

Keynote:  What I’ve Learned from 40 Years of Teaching Engineering

Eric Dano & Joost Santos

Jonathan Deason

SEH Lehman B1220

9:45-11:00 AM

Tech. Session 2

(Each presentation is 15 min w/ 3 min for questions)

Session 2A Teaching Innovations II

                     Moderator:  Brad Sottile



2A-1: Teaching Engineering Economics through Role Play in a Senior Design Class.

Gautom Kumar Das

SEH Lehman B1220

2A-2: Lessons Learned: Looking Back at Ten Years of Student Engagement in Malawi through Engineers Without Borders.

Charlotte Gottilla

2A-3: Integration of Virtual Technology in Civil Engineering Education.

Sofia M Vidalis, Roger Subramanaian

2A-4: Smartbeam: Teaching a Multidisciplinary First-Year Project for Exposure of Upper-Level Content with Active Learning.

Stephanie L. Walkup, Shawn Gross

Session 2B Decision Analysis II

                    Moderator: Joost Santos



2B-1: Building Interdisciplinarity in Engineering Doctoral Education: Insights from DTAIS Summer Incubator.

Erica Wortham, Zoe Szainfarber, Robert Pless

SEH Lehman B1270

2B-2: Threat Modeling for Enterprise Risk Management - Maximizing Protections Against Known Cybersecurity Threats.

Branko Bokan, Joost Santos

2B-3: Challenges Experienced in Innovation Competitions and Programs by Student Perspectives.

Nelly Cecilia Perez, Alexa Prince, Sadan Kultrurel-Konak, Abdullah Konak

2B-4: Decoding Challenges in Organizing Innovation Competitions and Programs: A Thematic Analysis of Interviews.

Fay Berig

Session 2C Engineering Technologies

                    Moderator: Gang Liu



2C-1: Educating Undergraduate Students in Theory, Practice and Experience in Additive Manufacturing.

Fisseha Gebre

SEH 2000

2C-2: Industry 4.0 and Modernizing Manufacturing Education.

Pooja Singh, Debra Pothier

2C-3: The modern approach for the efficiency and application of Aluminum based active cooling systems for electromagnetic actuator in the field of aviation.

Arman Fard

2C-4: A Phenomenological Study of Expert Problem Solving.

Alexander De Rosa, Teri Reed

11:00-11:15 AM


Green wall area

Panel, Workshops & Poster Displays

Panel 1Enhancing Education with LLMs: Innovative Approaches in Engineering Pedagogy

Jason Torres and Panel

SEH Lehman B1220

Workshop 1:  Using Design Thinking for AI-enabled Innovative Solutions

Abdullah Konak & Sadan Kulturel-Konak

SEH Lehman B1270

Workshop 2:  Positionality and Reflexivity - How do your values, beliefs and views affect your research?

Alexander De Rosa

SEH 2000

Poster Displays (see table below)


Between B1220 and B1270

11:15 AM - 12:30 PM

Campus Tours

SEH West Entrance

12:30 - 1:30 PM


Green wall area

Business Meeting


SEH Lehman B1270

1:30 - 2:30 PM

Distinguished Teacher Award Seminar


SEH Lehman B1220

2:30-2:45 AM


Green wall area

2:45-4:00 PM

Tech. Session 3


(Each presentation is 15 min w/ 3 min for questions. 

NOTE: DEI talks will be 30 minutes w/ 6 minutes for questions)

Session 3A  AI/Machine Learning

                     Moderator: Brad Sottile



3A-1: A Large Language Model Pipeline to Automate the Solution of Competitive Programming Problems.

Jeremy Blum, Davang Jayachandran

SEH Lehman B1220

3A-2: Deep U-Net Neural Network for 3D Brain MRI Segmentation.

Nian Zhang

3A-3: Generative AI as an Enhanced Study Aid in Engineering Courses.

Stephen McGill, Rachel McGill

3A-4: Artificial Intelligence Tools that Enhance Engineering Education.

Sophia Vidalis, Rajarajan Subramanian

Session 3B Diversity , Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

                    Moderator: Gautom Das



3B-1: Integrating Socio-Technical Engineering for Community Education and Outreach: A Case Study in the unincorporated areas of the Black belt of Alabama's Water Sanitation and Hygiene Education.

Prathyaj Mantha

SEH 2000

3B-2: Enhancing Inclusivity through Alternative Rhetoric in STEM Education.

Gary P. Halada, Lori Scarlatos

Session 3C Teaching Innovations III

                    Moderator: Royce Francis



3C-1: Exploring the role of engineering judgment in engineering education through writing praxis in a 3rd year systems engineering WID course.

Royce A Francis, James Ferguson

SEH Lehman B1270

3C-2: Authentic Engineering Experience - An Electromagnetic Induction Powered Light-Box to Illuminate Art.

Aashitha Srinivas, Thomas Hayes, Agustin Ossess-Falco, Darren McManus, Peter Stupak

3C-3: Open Educational Resources for Supporting Engineering Education.

Joshua Halpern, Nadine Houser-Archield, Neeharika Thakur, Scott Sinex, Scott Johnson

3C-4: Engaging Undergraduate Students with Themes and Hats from Popular Media in a Statics Course.

Matthew Rhudy

4:00-4:30 PM

Awards and Closing Ceremony

Eric Dano & ASEE MAS

SEH Lehman B1220



Posters Authors

Unmanned Surface Vehicle for Bathymetric Mapping of Shallow Water Basins.

Esther T. Ososanya, Devdas Shetty, Sougre Rouamba, Koffi Fonzan

Amplifying Unheard Voices: Energy Literacy as a Path to Equitable Stakeholder Participation.

Naomia Suggs-Brigety, Saniya Leblanc

Online Modules to Develop Upper-classmen Mentors for an Introductory Biomedical Engineering Course.

Eileen Haase, Gyeongtae Moon, Angela Sadlowski, Meera Bhat

Increasing students' awareness of diversity, equity, and inclusion through a random signals and noise class.

Ying Yu

Statistical Investigation of the Relationship Between Mental Health & Marijuana use from NHANES Database.

Ryan Forte, Rebecca Goehring, Michael Fogliani, Zuyi (Jacky) Huang

 Introducing AI to Pre-college and College Students Through Biomedical Applications

Guangyan (Molly) Li, Kwame Kutton


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